About Us

About UsOur Mission

To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another

Our Vision

To nurture a safe, healthy, caring community that builds on the strengths of its citizens, its neighbors, its businesses and its human services delivery systems

Our Core Values

1. INTEGRITY:  We maintain high standards of excellence and accountability, including prudent use of finances and fair, accurate, and honest disclosure of information.

  • We keep our promises.

2. IMPACT:  We make a positive difference and have a measurable impact.

  • Our efforts change lives.
  • We assume reponsibility as good stewards of and are accountable for our work and sustainable results

3. VOLUNTEERISM:  We encourage and build the spirit of volunteerism.

  • We believe that effective models of service and excellence are created through the leadership of volunteers

4. INCLUSIVENESS: We are strengthened by our inclusion.

  • We respect the worth of every person - the community, the donors, our own staff and families, boards, and volunteers

5.  LEADERSHIP:  We provide leadership for community building to effect positive change.

  • We are effective educators and conveners - bringing all segments of the community together to promote indivdiual well-being and common good

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