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At-Risk Scouting

"This was submitted by the Cub Scout leader of this Cub Scout.
We have a scout who has Autism, his younger brother originally joined our pack but as most siblings go he had to come to a meeting because there was no one to watch him. He spent one evening with us and decided to join scouting. His parents sat down with all the den leaders, committee chairman, and myself as Cubmaster to explain his condition. They were very concerned that he would fall behind. On his first campout his mother doted on him and kept him under thumb. Soon, the pack was going to go for a hike we asked this scout's mother to help prep food so he could go on the hike without her. Since then this scout has been extremely involved, excited, and active. He now mentors the younger scouts and leads his den in many activities."


Challenge Camp success story

"I first met OSHA when she was four (2014). Blonde hair, blue eyed, four year old OSHA. Yes, capital O, capital S, capitol H, capitol A. The case worker told me that her mother named her after a poster she saw in the hospital. And that she was up for adoption. 4 years old and abandoned. Too young to actually be at Challenge Camp, but when her foster mother sent the other foster children, no one had the heart to tell OSHA she couldn’t go too. So OSHA came to camp. But she hardly had any belongings much less clothes. When I first saw her she was at the pool. Splashing and swimming in the shallow end with the other younger kids. In jeans. And a long sleeve shirt. In the blistering late July heat. Jeans.
  I asked the case worker about her. Found out she was in foster care. That she didn’t have many things. It broke my heart.
I should tell you that Challenge Camp is hard on our Staff. The stories the kids tell break your heart. How they need attention they don’t get from home. When the older kid asks for a piece of fruit to take home to his little sister who is too little to come to camp. When the little girl begs you to play ball with her. It’s hard on our Staff because they want the kids to have better, to strive for better, to be better. Staff volunteer each year to work this camp, because they truly love making a difference in a child’s life. It’s hard because the Staff know when these kids go home; life will be hard again.
  So when I told my Staff about OSHA, I was in tears. And so were they. In part because of her name. Each one knew what O.S.H.A. was, and each one felt the pain of a four year old being abandoned. To hear she had no clothes! No swim suit! The Boy Scout Staff got together and got OSHA bathing suits. A couple outfits and a beach towel.
And the next day when OSHA came back, she was a proud recipient of her own bathing suit. That smile she had on her face was more than worth it!
  OSHA came back to Challenge Camp in 2015. The Boy Scout Summer Camp Staff enjoyed teaching her to swim last year, in her own bathing suit this time. They look forward to seeing her again this year. They look forward to making a difference in a young child’s life."


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