Boy Scouts of America; Simon Kenton Council

Pack 173 of Mt. Sterling held their annual Pinewood Derby in March. With some help from parents, the Scouts took simple blocks of wood and turned them into race cars. Then boys from each age group faced off against each other to see who had the fastest cars. Voting also took place to see who had the coolest car design. The Pinewood Derby is always one of the highlights of the year, and this year was no exception!

In addition to the Derby, the pack also invented a new event that they hope to hold again next year. For this race, boys had to build ships out of recycled materials that were brought from home. Once the boats were complete and passed a float test, the boys raced them down a rain gutter. The event was a hit, and the boys showed great creativity in their ship designs.

Both of these activities were a great learning experience for the Scouts. The learned about recycled materials and the importance of saving our environment. They also learned many STEM skills – particularly engineering! When they build and race a Pinewood Derby car they learn about gravity, force, resistance, and the role weight distribution plays in the success of the car.

Thanks to the support of the United Way of Clark, Champaign and Madison Counties, the Pack was able to receive Pinewood Derby cars at no cost to the families so that 20 Scouts could participate in the event.

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