Cancer Association of Champaign County

"My name is Tim West, and I am a retired Episcopal priest. Since moving to Champaign County nearly twenty years ago, I have enjoyed the care of a very caring and conscientious physician. He insisted on regular check ups and prostate monitoring even though there was no history of prostate cancer in my family. That insistence paid off in a big way when he noticed my PSA was climbing steadily and referred me to a urologist for a biopsy. One of the samples showed some cancer cells and after consultation with him and Dr. Victor at the Cancer Center, we chose external radiation as the most appropriate therapy for my condition. It was forty-four treatments and completed in May of 2015. It was a profoundly powerful time for Becky and me. Family and friends were supportive and I am grateful for all the physicians who helped with both diagnosis and treatment. There is no substitution for knowledge. We caught the cancer in its earliest stages and this fact is what made treatment so successful. But, it was not just the physicians to whom we are grateful. The staff at the Cancer Center could not have been more pleasant, caring, helpful and patient with my anxiety. And, the Cancer Association of Champaign County was very supportive in meeting the financial needs not covered by our insurance. We are extremely grateful to all who played a part in holding us together through this process not least God who remains our tower of hope and strength. A whole community cooperated to be God’s hands in my healing. We ask His blessing upon all of them and His strength to all who are going through treatment now."

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