Clark County Literacy Coalition

“Randy walks to the Warder Literacy Center twice a week to meet with his tutor.  He walks because he doesn't have a car.  He walks because he DOES have a goal: to pass his GED and get a good job.  Honestly, at first, we wondered if Randy would even get to the place where he would qualify to have a tutor.  We expect our students to demonstrate perseverance by coming 8 separate times and working on one of our iPads.  Randy, a referral from Job and Family Services, took his mandate to come seriously and positively.  In short, he actually came and whole-heartedly threw himself into the process!  Randy has been meeting with his tutor for several months now and he has worked through several skill books.  Interestingly, we have noted that, when a person is willing to walk here for help, that person will succeed.  He may have some walking ahead of him but we think Randy is going to make it.”

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