Consumer Credit

“David sought assistance from Consumer Credit Counseling Service for issues with his housing and finances. He is a single man with limited income from Social Security Disability. He was living in a low-income neighborhood with poor quality housing. Most of us would not even consider living in a home where the quality of the water is so bad that we couldn’t drink it or even take a shower. David had to purchase drinking water and shower at a friend’s house. He was reluctant to contact the landlord or seek help with code enforcement because his rent was extremely cheap. But we all have a right to safe, clean, accessible drinking water. 
To my dismay, when he contacted the landlord and complained about the conditions of his apartment the landlord then raised his rent. We then went to work on looking for a new place for him to move.  Together we completed applications and submitted the required documents to several Springfield area housing developments. It is a long process, but we were able to move him into a new place with rental assistance. He now can afford to purchase groceries and have the simple things that most of us take for granted, a roof over his head with adequate heat and clean running water.
With housing issues addressed, we then began to tackle his outstanding medical bills. It turns out that his medical bills should have been waived due to his low income. We completed more applications and worked with each creditor. At subsequent appointments we followed-up to see that the applications were received and if any decisions had been made.  Sometimes just having someone in your corner helps move things along.  With time and perseverance we were able to qualify him for assistance with the medical bills.
David is very pleased with the changes in his life after receiving services from our program.  He now understands that he has to ask for financial assistance on future medical bills in the future. He is also now considering going back to school at Clark State.”

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