ESC Preschool

"Good things come to those who work for them! This is definitely true for Nannette Mentzer, one of the exceptional Early Childhood Intervention Specialists that works within the ESC’s Champaign County Preschool program. Last spring, Nannette worked diligently in obtaining a $1000.00 United Way grant to enhance our program’s Math and Language/Literacy status. She has coordinated efforts with other teachers in making very wise purchases, sharing numerous valuable instructional materials with her colleagues. These materials will enhance our curriculum and ultimately increase our effectiveness in enhancing student performance. In addition to orchestrating a successful start to her school year, Nannette has been unpacking boxes of instructional supplies and distributing them to others. Her efforts are very much appreciated by all!

Additionally and quite by surprise, the Champaign County
Moose Lodge has decided to share proceeds of their monthly fundraisers for two separate months with Nannette. This decision was made by Kim Rowland and her fellow Moose members for the good work Nannette has done for students in the past which included Kim’s son. This student was a part of Nannette’s class during the 2003-04 school year. The July proceedings netted Nannette’s classroom with an extra $999 to spend on valuable instructional supplies.

The preschool teachers work tirelessly each and every day without seeking recognition but when such an opportunity as this comes around, it is obvious that the teachers are making life impacting changes in the lives of their young students’ lives. Congratulations Nannette! Your efforts are definitely making a difference for the enhancement of your classroom as well as the entire preschool program!"

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