HELP House

"A lady came into HELP House and said, "I haven't been here for a little while, but I really needed to come today."  She continued by saying that she had been sick and hadn't been able to work much the last two weeks.

She just received her check for that time.   It was only $125 and her grandchildren were here.  This was where she knew she could get food for her grandchildren.  I asked about her bills.  She said that she would see about them later, but she needed food for her grandchildren, so she came to HELP House."


"One Saturday in October, HELP House was giving out food as well as children's coats.  A lady came in shortly before we were closing for coats and food.  She said that God reminded her to come.  She said that she had just recently gotten her four young grandchildren.  She said that they hardly had enough to live on, so she knew God had reminded her to come.

The lady said that she would get the coats first and then get food.  This she did.  She brought the bag of coats to the counter and asked if she could leave them there instead of taking them to the car with the four small children tagging along.  This is discouraged since so many people were going in and out with coats and food, but she insisted.  So, then, with the four little ones following her, she began her journey through the aisles for food.  She returned to the counter with food, was checked out and proceeded to pick up her coats.  A bag was waiting for her; however, it wasn't her bag with the coats she had picked out.  She panicked and kept saying, "I am going to cry."  No one in the area had seen anyone take a bag.  We tried to get the lady to go and see if there were other coats she would want, but she kept saying that wasn't another coat for one of the boys and added, "I am going to cry."

One of our regular customers had been checking out and had taken their items to their car just prior to this lady.  We ran out to see if they were still there, but they were not.  I found their phone number and quickly called.  They graciously said that they would return.  They weren't even sure they had this lady's bag.  They came in with a bag; however, it was not the right bag.  Once again the lady said that she was going to cry.  I suggested that she go with them to the car and see if her bag may still be in the car.  In a minute or so, the lady came back with her bag and got the children and her food.  She thanked God and once again said, "I think I am going to cry."  However, this time is would be tears of joy and thanksgiving.""

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