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The following success story is related by his Case Manager:

“A client named Bill came to the Hartley House in the early part of 2016.  My first impression of him was that he was a special young man.  He was very hungry to learn and placed God as a major part of his learning.  He reached out to his family and gained their trust due to his lifestyle that is now centered around his faith.  Bill is able to visit with his 12 year old daughter without a chaperone for the first time in 2 years.  He is currently employed at a car detail shop and not afraid of hard work which is evident by the fact he works 10 hours daily.  Recently promoted he is responsible for opening and closing the shop each business day.  Bill left the Hartley House and moved into IHN’s Transitional Housing program.  He is now preparing to move into his permanent apartment at Mulberry Terrace.  This young man is an example of why IHN is valuable to our community, through extending a helping hand many are able to pull themselves up and begin to live their life with pride.”


The following is presented by a resident of Mulberry Terrace:

“After the passing of my mother, I felt a sense of hopelessness.  This hopelessness led me to believe that my life was unimportant and limited my motivation to seek anything good out of life.  Depression weighed heavy on me, but I refused to address it.  I believed I could handle my issues on my own, however, that was not the case.  As time went on my health began to deteriorate and again I chose to ignore it.  Nothing seemed to matter until I found myself homeless, which led me to sleeping on peoples’ couches.  At this point in my life I felt a great deal of despair. 

A friend told me about a housing program that was accepting applications.  I completed an application and was contacted regarding being approved for Mulberry Terrace.  On March 29, 2014, I finally had a place I could call home.  Although I was no longer homeless I still had mental health and medical issues weighing me down. 

Being at Mulberry Terrace came with perks that I needed.  I work with a Case Manager who assisted me in scheduling my initial appointment with a counselor.  I am also connected with a primary care provider and am dealing with my health issues.

Today I can say my health has improved greatly.  While still experiencing some issues they would be worse without the stability provided by working with the Mulberry Terrace Case Manager.”


The following success story is related by the Case Manager:

"A young couple and their blended family came to IHN seeking shelter.  This family has a history with IHN over the years.  They, like many of our clients, know what is needed to stay housed but find it difficult to stay focused.  The wife struggles with mental health and AOD issues, which she has now come to understand and is in treatment.  The husband has now been able to address underlying issues to break down the barriers to become a driving force for his family. Both clients have criminal and eviction history that affects their ability to find housing, a fact that forced them to seek out Norm’s Place. This may not sound like a success story, however, when they last entered the shelter there was something different about them.  They were more attentive in weekly case management meetings.  She was able to absorb the tools and guidance provided to her, and worked harder this time to overcome homelessness.  She is working hard in her mental health treatment and he found employment.  They applied for permanent housing in the Mulberry Terrace program, were approved and moved into their housing.  They are now able to focus on their four children, a result of following their Individual Service Plan (ISP) as established with case management, and their willingness to change the future.  This family strived to overcome homelessness and showed their children that in life there are good times and bad times.  They overcame the bad times and broke the chains that held them down."

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