The Loving Care Hospice, Inc.

"We currently have a patient in our hospice program that does not have any type of insurance coverage.  Because of their religious beliefs, they are unable to utilize government funded insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid.  This obviously greatly reduces their access to health care especially in the health care climate that we are currently living in.   While other hospices turned them away for their inability to pay, we were able to accept them and to care for them without the financial worry.  Out patients only get one shot at the end of life and it shouldn’t be spent worrying about financial burdens.  The family should be able to spend those final days completely focused on their loved ones.  Without the funds we receive from the United Way, where would this individual have gone to get the end of life care that they deserve and the comfort and support that their family needed?   With the support of the United Way and other community contributors, we were able to get this individual the care that they needed.  We were able to provide symptom management and also much needed support for the family.    We are thankful to be this community’s local agency and are also thankful for our partnership with the United Way!"

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