Marriage Resource Center

"A 25 year old single mom of 3 took the Within My Reach class. She has a history of unhealthy relationships and was really hoping to learn some skills to pick better partners. After our third class, which covers conflict, danger signs and domestic violence, she asked to speak to me privately after class. When we read through the list of behavior red flags in a relationship that could signal abuse, she had had a sobering realization. She is the abuser in her relationships. While she has never been physical with a partner, she recognized that she controls and manipulates her partners in an unhealthy way. She grew up in a home with physical domestic violence and has always been cautious about not putting her hands on anyone. But she had never realized she picked up her father's habit of controlling and manipulating her partners. Needless to say she was shocked at that realization. We talked through her history and her desire to change those patterns. She was open to being referred to Journey to Freedom and personal counseling. She also asked that I hold her accountable to not getting in another relationship until she had worked through those issues more. She is currently single and learning healthier ways to interact with others and to model for her children!"

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