McKinley Hall

"Rhonda is a 24 year old mother of three, who is now in recovery from the disease of addiction. She entered treatment in January 2016 and immediately began receiving case management services.  She did not have custody of her children due to her drug use.  In addition to Rhonda’s chemical dependency treatment, she has begun parenting classes at Rocking Horse Center.  She is set to graduate from that class in November 22, 2016.

Rhonda’s daughter Isabelle, is in Kindergarten. At the inception of her mother’s treatment, Isabelle was acting out and had behavioral issues. Case Manager and Rhonda were concerned with her behavior and signed her up for counseling at the Rocking Horse Center. Since Isabelle has been placed back in Rhonda’s care, she has improved behavior. Also, Isabella has been able to participate in school attentively and actively, since being back home with mom in drug-free environment. Rhonda and Isabelle are now in PCIT together and continue to improve with every counseling session.

Rhonda’s other daughter Allie, is in daycare.  Allie was also struggling with acting out due to having very little structure and consistency in the home. Allie did not like the separation from mom and was glad to be placed back in her care.  Now that Allie is home, her behavior has improved. Rhonda stated that with her taking parenting class she is able to learn new ways of interacting with her daughter to help with her behavior. Rhonda and Allie are currently working on learning the ABC’s, numbers 1-10 and learning to write her name.

Rhonda’s son Avery, in not currently in her care. Rhonda is working on a reunification plan with children services to regain custody. Rhonda currently has unsupervised visits with her son in her home. She works with Avery on the ABC’s, numbers 1-10 and other learning aspects so that he may begin school once Rhonda obtains custody of him.

Rhonda is on track with having her case closed with Family and Children Services. She has worked through treatment, the Clark County Family Intervention Court program and has been reunified with her daughters, and will soon be reunified with her son.  This is an awesome mom who has done a fantastic job with progressing in major life areas!"

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