Mental Health Services of Clark and Madison Co. Inc.

"In July, several clients volunteered their time for the Welcome Table.  4 individuals helped prepare the meal and delivered it to the facility where the meal was served.  2 individuals participated in the London Recovery Project Balloon Launch/Recovery Walk and dinner.  We offered Pumpkin carving in October, with 5 people signed up and 3 came and carved pumpkins.  All participants reported having fun in a sober environment.  MHS, with United Way, sponsored a Spaghetti Dinner, with 32 participants plus 2 speakers and 4 staff.  This was for individuals in recovery as well as their families. This provided the opportunity to introduce their family members to the Dr. and ask questions about recovery, as well as learn more about Families of Addicts support group. We received positive feedback about the evening.  On our November visit to the London Recovery Project, we had a “Tell Me a Story” event that encouraged 2 peers to tell a story about themselves.  It was fun and informative, providing individuals in recovery the opportunity to practice creative expression.  Currently, a group of 3 peers is painting the windows at Mental Health Services with recovery and holiday themed scenes.  A trip to the Recovery Zone in Bellefontaine was schedule for 2 peers, however, only 1 ended up going.  This was a way for a person in recovery to meet up with sober people. 

Several individuals had expressed interest in another Zip-line trip, however, no one responded by the deadline so that trip had to be cancelled.
To date, 23 individuals have completed their pre-treatment Quality of Life Scale."

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