Oesterlen Services For Youth, Inc.

"George (not the real name) stood in front of 20 people who had gathered to celebrate a victory in his life. The young boy stood strong in appreciation of his family’s support.  George would not have had the ability to be the center of attention a few months previously; as he had reported that an adult had inappropriately touched him. At that time he was shy and reserved.  His parents brought George to the Brooker Counseling Center to help him through this trauma. The family would have had great difficulty paying for therapy, but the United Way grant helped to underwrite the health of this young boy.  Through active listening and encouragement, George came to understand life differently; he did not need to be a victim.  At the beginning of therapy, he reported his favorite color was dark blue.  By the end of the therapy, the color that was his favorite was bright green.  His life had new hope exemplified through his favorite color.  A young person’s life is forever changed."

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