Parents and Children Together (PACT)

"This past 6 week session, a mother was able to attend the PACT program after being placed on probation. She left her children in the car unattended while she ran into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. She regretted her actions but was sincere in her desire to utilize these parenting classes to improve her ability to care for them and to demonstrate her commitment to her family. She was actively involved in group discussion and willing to learn from the materials. Based on her pre and post evaluations, she indicated that she felt more confident in her abilities to not become manipulated into giving her children their way, her ability to stay calm when her children are out of control, and seeking help from her support system when she feels overwhelmed. She also indicated an improvement in her child’s ability to show respect for others as an indication that her mutual respect for her children has grown. She was pleased to see the positive ways this class has allowed her to become more calm and respectful of herself, her spouse, and her children."

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