Project Woman

Clark Shelter

A young mother came to Project Woman’s Clark County emergency shelter from a nearby county.  Based on considerations for her safety, the shelter availability in her area, and proximity to family in Springfield, local agencies cooperated to transfer her to Clark County.  She arrived at Project Woman’s shelter with her four children and was pregnant with her fifth child. 

In addition to being a survivor of domestic violence, this young woman was also experiencing some mental health issues.  Her oldest son was exhibiting some mental health/behavioral issues as well.  She participated in counseling through Project Woman’s Behavioral Health program, and her children participated in Safe Start activities which help children who have witnessed domestic violence.  Following a baby shower thrown by Project Woman staff and other survivors, she had her new baby. 

This woman and her children soon moved from the emergency shelter into transitional housing with the Chrysalis Transitional Housing Program.  Following additional counseling, Safe Start activities, and empowerment education classes, she obtained permanent housing in an income based rental property.

She continues to participate in Project Woman services through case management and support groups. She and her five children are doing well. 

Clark Prevention

Project Woman’s Prevention Educator presented information on dating abuse to Shawnee High School students.  At the end of the session, a young girl approached the Educator and explained that she was in an abusive dating relationship and that she had not realized that is what had been happening.  She had thought it was ok that her boyfriend told her who she could be friends with, how she should dress, and when they would spend time together.  She shared that she had not told her family or her friends about how he was treating her because she didn’t want to upset him.  She said now that she knows what the signs are, she was going to ask her parents for help in ending the relationship.

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