"This young man was in 7th.grade when he was referred to us about 2 years ago. Getting in a lot of trouble at school, very disruptive, not getting any homework done, and to much free time after school without supervision.  This was not our typical referral, this youth didn't like animals at all. Which by the way is usually something that a perspective youth are excited about.  After being in the program for a few months, he asked if he could join football, since he had played in the past and was really good at it. The reason he asked us is because it interfered with O-T-R nights. We told him yes, that would be fine, since we had seen an improvement, in his new school.  Thinking we'd never hear from him again.  As soon as football was over he called to see if he could return to the program. He has become very active in school activities and working at the Farmers Market. He successfully completed the ON-The-Rise program, and the unique part of this story is that he never did learn to like animals."

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