Rocking Horse Community Health Center

Patient Success Story: Bridges to Healthcare

"Thomas became a patient of Nurse Practitioner Sherri Moore at Rocking Horse Community Health Center in March of 2015. When Thomas met Sherri, he had not been feeling his best and felt he was not performing at an optimal level but just couldn’t put his finger on why. At his first visit, Sherri ordered routine lab tests and his glucose came back moderately elevated. Sherri made an appointment for Thomas to return to Rocking Horse Center the very next week to perform definitive testing for a suspected diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus. Unfortunately, Sherri was right, Thomas had Type Two Diabetes.

After a long appointment focusing on educating about the disease process, possible complications of the disease, diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as medication options, Sherri and Thomas worked together to come up with a plan. Thomas would begin two medications to help control his diabetes and work towards optimal health with the education and resources Sherri had provided. Thomas was also referred for a diabetic eye exam and was scheduled to return to Rocking Horse Center in 3 months for an evaluation of his progress. In such a short time period, Thomas was able to lose more than 10 pounds, and his A1C (the level used to monitor Diabetes) had dropped three points! This was phenomenal in terms of diabetic control and Thomas and Sherri were extremely happy with these results.

Fast forward to September of 2016, and Thomas continues to do well in controlling not only his diabetes, but his blood pressure as well as his weight. With the help of Sherri and Rocking Horse Center, Thomas has changed his lifestyle and has lived a much healthier life the past 1.5 years. He continues to work full time, stay active, and attend follow-up appointments every 3 months to monitor his chronic condition."


Patient Success Story: CHAMP

"Life for six-year-old Rebecca has been anything but easy. Born with a neurodegenerative disorder and diagnosed with a global developmental delay, she has spent most of her young life confined to a bed. In May of this year, Rocking Horse Community Health Center RN and CHAMP Coordinator Christine Funderberg was invited to attend a Family Stability meeting on this child’s behalf. It was decided at the meeting to remove Rebecca from her home and place her in foster care.

Since that move, Christine, as CHAMP Care Coordinator, has been able to care for and represent Rebecca in a complicated medical maze of specialists and social services. She has been able to work extremely well with the foster family to monitor Rebecca and make referrals to help enhance her daily life. Working with the team at Rocking Horse Center which includes Dr. Nicole Cruz, Christine has made and monitored Rebecca’s referral appointments as she is seen for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, orthopedics and gastrointestinal. Christine has also assisted the foster mom in locating services to repair Rebecca’s wheelchair (which she hadn’t been in for quite some time), and get her set up with a company to supply her diapers/pull ups and formula.

Rebecca was enrolled in school in August and now attends most every day. Christine credits her transformation to teamwork and follow-through. “It has been thrilling to see a child that at one time appeared to have a very bleak future now coming in and smiling at the staff”, says Christine. “I’ve never seen this little girl look happier.”


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