Rocking Horse Community Health Center

"Jenny became a patient at Rocking Horse Community Health Center Madison early this summer. With no insurance, and no primary care provider, Jenny was struggling with her health due to undiagnosed diabetes and mild depression.
At her first visit, Jenny was educated about her disease and given information on diet and exercise. She was also prescribed medicines that would help get her blood sugar levels in normal range. The clinical team, knowing that Jenny would not be able to afford medication, provided her with a voucher which she used at a local pharmacy. The voucher covered $140 worth of medications through the United Way funded Madison county Prescription Assistance Program. These medications and Jenny’s changes to her lifestyle have helped her turn a corner toward good health
Jenny had her latest follow-up appointment in September and she continues to improve. She has been signed up for Medicaid by the Madison County Outreach and Enrollment Specialist and continues to follow her primary care provider’s recommendations for nutrition and activity. She is very thankful for the Prescription Assistance Program that helped her get control of her chronic condition."

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