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Disney World Trip

Last fall, a group of Lincoln Promise Community Learning Center students met NBA legend Magic Johnson while he visited the Springfield Regional Medical Center. Magic spoke about the importance of good grades and behavior, and also made an unforgettable promise to the students. He promised that, if the students maintained a “B” average and excellent behavior for the rest of the year, he would fly them to Disneyland. This month, the four students who met the criteria will be visiting Disney World on an all-expenses-paid trip, on behalf of SodexoMAGIC, Johnson’s food service company. Brianna*, Ryan*, Jeremiah* and Molly* were ecstatic when they found out that they would be going to Disney World! In addition to airfare, hotel accommodation and park entry, each child will receive $300.00 for additional food expenses and souvenirs. We can’t wait to see the photos that the students take with their disposable cameras and the autographs they get from the Disney characters!


Lacrosse Club

Lacrosse Club is one of three clubs offered to Lincoln Promise Community Learning center students after school on Friday. Wittenberg University Lacrosse players volunteer their time to help a group of second through sixth graders learn basic drills and exercises. A fifth grade student named Adrian* began the club a week late. I could tell right away that he was a shy kid. I stayed with him, while he tied his shoes to bide time before he had to go join the group for warm ups. I knew he needed a minute to calm down and collect himself before joining in. Adrian had so much fun that day--his smile lit up the gym. One of the Wittenberg volunteers took him under his wing and that made all the difference for Adrian. It was a pleasure seeing that a student’s confidence could be positively affected by just one session of Lacrosse Club.


*Names have been changed

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