Urbana Champaign County Senior Citizens Center, Inc.

"Our Client Ed, recently lost his wife, Marie, to cancer.  When they got married they had an agreement that he would take care of the outside chores and she would take care of the inside chores.

He said she did a spectacular job on making their house a home and had high standards.  After her passing, he felt lost and didn’t know where to begin on trying to keep the house clean, because Marie always did these things.  This along with failing health his home went into what he called a “disastrous mess.”

Ed became very depressed.  He was referred to our homemaking services by Job & Family Services.  We were able to place a homemaker with Ed and they have become great friends and he looks forward to her visits.  She is even teaching him to do some of the things that Marie use to do and he helps her in the areas that he is able.  Ed has slowly come out of his depression and feels much better now that his home is no longer a “disastrous mess” and has commented on how proud Marie would be of him."

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