VALE Guardianship

Success Story #1

The client was discharged from an Ohio State hospital to a nursing home and the state refused to allow her to continue to stay there. I had just become her Guardian during that time and in a meeting with the state authorities told them that they could not remove her from the Nursing Home unless she had somewhere else to go. They were supposed to look for alternatives but got nowhere. This is when I realized that people with Mental Health issues have no options. In going through her file I realized that she was also DD. This gave me an opening. We determined that she qualified for an ICF placement. She was admitted to the ICF group home a month later and after a 6 month adjustment period has done very well there. We even managed to reduce her medication dramatically over a period of three years.

Without a Guardian that could advocate for her she would have been on the street.


Success Story #2

I received a call from a family member wanting to pursue guardianship of her elderly cousin and spouse.  After several phone calls with her and Adult Protective Services, it was realized these two people were being verbally and mentally abused.  The cousin referred to her elderly cousin and spouse as “the children.”  She would put them in time-out or ground them….this meant taking the cars keys, disabling the vehicles, or isolating them from other family members. 

An emergency guardianship was granted and guardian was in place.  During this time, the elderly cousin was hospitalized several times.  She was placed in a local nursing facility which turned out to be permanent.  She is now safe and away from the abuse.

The husband and wife rented a home from the cousin and when the wife was placed into the nursing facility, the husband received an eviction notice.  This was a blessing in disguise for the husband.  The guardian found a home that meet all the husband’s needs.

He now is in a safe and secure place without being mentally or verbally abused.  He has placed his trust in the guardian to take care of him.  When first meeting the husband, he kept his head lowered and would not look you in the eye, now he is having conversations, cracking jokes, and easy going.

To care with compassionate and advocate with a heart.

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