SPARK Success Story Fall 2016

A 4 and 5 year old brother and sister were removed from their home and placed into foster care. The temporary foster parents wanted to find some academic and emotional support for the children since they were not enrolled in preschool and no available spots could be secured in local programs. A staff member at Job and Family Services remembered the SPARK program and suggested it to the temporary foster parents as a potential support for the children. Job and Family Services contacted Jack, the SPARK Parent Partner, to connect him with the foster family. Jack began visiting the sister at first, because she would be entering kindergarten the soonest. But at the first visit, Jack noticed that the 4 year old brother was sitting in the next room, disengaged from activities. Jack invited the foster parents to include the 4 year old brother in the lessons as well, tailoring some of the activities to suit the boy who was one year younger. Although the program prescribes monthly SPARK visits, Jack adapted the program to visit more frequently, sometimes weekly and sometimes twice a month, as the family's schedule allowed. Marked progress has been noted for both children, both in terms of academics and emotional flexibility. Both children have increased their ability to attend to tasks and focus for sustained periods of time. Also, both children have practiced calming and breathing techniques with the SPARK Parent Partner when they become frustrated with a task (such as having difficulty using scissors).


Counseling Success Story Clark County Fall 2016

A middle-aged woman, Samantha, presented at WellSpring with symptoms of PTSD from a debilitating car accident that almost took her life. Since the accident, she has had many physical health problems. Within the last year of beginning therapy, the client began chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her father for whom she was the main caretaker.  Samantha was extremely depressed and did not know what to do. Through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and education about compassionate self-talk and self-awareness about her emotions, this client has changed many things in her life in a positive way. She began to set boundaries with unhealthy people in her life, donated many of her father's possessions to those in need, and went back to work as a restaurant manager. She has also successfully completed her chemo and is cancer-free and depression-free!

FAST Success Story Fall 2016

Sarah is a hard working mother of four children.  She has two teenage children and two elementary school age children.  With such an age difference in the children, working, and caring for aging, sick mother, Sarah didn't know what to do!    Sarah tells us, "Coming to FAST has been such a wonderful thing as I have found people (parents & staff) to talk to and who listen.  Mrs. Henry has given me leads to resources to help with my older child and my mother."   I also tried some of the stress management strategies and when I use them, They Work!  I love FAST.  Thank you!”  Sarah has even convinced the father to attend with her.  Now they come as a family!

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