"When 69-year-old Doris (not her name) came to WellSpring she described herself as depressed and anxious – blaming herself for everything wrong. She said she went from being “happy-go-lucky” to not even liking herself. Her family doctor thought it was time for her to see a counselor.

Doris went on to report to the counselor that she felt like nothing was going right in her life. Her self-esteem was so low that in registered in the negative numbers. She said she was lonely and felt worthless.

The therapist first started helping her improve her self-esteem. Once she began to feel good about herself she began working on how she felt about past relationships that were unhealthy. .

It’s a year later and Doris’ case is about to be closed. She is no longer depressed, has confidence  in herself and is involved in a satisfying relationship."

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