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United Way Wednesday: Oesterlen

Oesterlen Services For Youth, Inc. is a non-profit treatment center for emotionally troubled children, adolescents, adults and families. Oesterlen operates 3 secure, intensive, Residential Treatment programs, inclusive of a Developmental Disabilities / Autism program; a Treatment Foster Care program; and offers In-Home, Community and School Based support and Mental Health services. Children, Adults and Families typically referred to Oesterlen are experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges which are negatively impacting their ability to function successfully in the family setting, in school and the broader community. Such challenges may have resulted from situations of emotional stress, abuse, family breakdown, or other forms of trauma. Oesterlen’s therapeutic programs are designed and experience-proven to discern these issues and design therapies to address them -- ultimately improving self-esteem, coping skills, social interaction skills, and family living skills. Such improvements measurably improve the quality of life and the future success.

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